Commercial Carpet Cleaning Lanark

Here at Perfect Clean we offer both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services in Lanark and we have done since we started as a company in 2000. As a company we are committed to what we do and we strive to produce the best results that we can for all of our customers.

Some people think that when their carpets are dirty and stained that the only option they have is to go out and buy new ones but that isn’t the case. They could give us a call and let us show them the results that we can achieve through the professional service that we offer. The staff who work with us are qualified, hardworking and friendly, this coupled with the equipment that we use produces the desired results for our customers.

If you choose to use us as the company to carry out your commercial carpet cleaning in Lanark you won’t be disappointed. You won’t have to remove furniture either, instead we will move it to one side and then replace. We use high powered industrial extraction machines and non toxic cleaning solutions to produce the results that we as a company want for our customers.

This high powered machine is guaranteed to:

  • leave carpets deep cleaned and deodorised
  • rejuvenate pile
  • have carpets dry in 1-2 hours
  • brighten colours
  • remove deeply embedded stains


On our website you will find pictures of before and afters, these can show you the difference that can be made with our commercial carpet cleaning in Lanark. Or if you have any questions, require any more information of if you would like a quote for our service then why not contact us today, one of our team would be more than happy to help.